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Kindergarten – 4th Grade Rotation Sunday School 
           10:00am  Rotation Sunday School
Rotation Sunday School:  Here's the Workshop Rotation Model in a nutshell: Teach major Bible stories and concepts through kid-friendly multimedia workshops: an Art workshop, Drama, Games, A-V,  Storytelling, Computers, Cooking, and any other educational media you can get your hands on. Teach the same Bible story in workshops for one month rotating the kids to a different workshop each week. Here's why it works: The Workshop Rotation Model concentrates on one major Bible story  each month.  Kids not only love repetition, but they need it to develop a lasting memory and understanding of content.  The different workshops keep them interested all month. 
Children's Worship
    2nd Worship Service: Children’s Worship – Every Sunday after the scripture Reading K-3rd  grade children are invited to gather for a Children’s Worship Experience.  They will return to the Sanctuary in time for communion.  (Teachers escort children to and from the Sanctuary.)