10:00am Kindergarten -4th gr. Rotation Sunday School
9am & 10am Worship
The Ark
(infants - Pre-K)
The Ark  opens at 8:30a.m. for continuous childcare until 12:15pm.
to allow parents time to attend our church services and Sunday School classes.
10:00am Sunday school: Toddlers/2's & 3 years—Pre-K
11:00am Cherub Church: Toddler/2's & 3 years-Pre-K

Wednesday Evenings
No Tae Kwon Do 3/20/2019
Little Dragons
Tae Kwon Do
5yrs—4th gr.
Team Chip Little Dragon Creed
I am a Little Dragon, oh so strong.
Learning each day, what’s right and wrong.  In this class, I will find
Perseverance for my heart, and knowledge for my mind.
I am a Little Dragon. OH SO STRONG!

  Sunday Aug 11th,  2019

coming soon